Find Your Future In The Past

We Save the Future by Preserving the Past

We are dedicated to building a brand that inspires people to join us on our mission. We do this with highly trained EpoxyTechs, beautifully branded vans, and digital door knocking.

Preservan Values

  • Affordable: We deliver massive value to our neighbors. Our typical repair saves the homeowner 90% compared to a replacement renovation project!
  • Convenient: Our vans and epoxy system allow us to start work immediately and be done in less than 48 hours! Our repairs are targeted and clean, so there is never any mess or unknown expense.
  • Sustainable: We repair, NEVER replace! Unlike typical contractors with their lifted trucks, 40-yard dumpsters, and wasted materials. We drive fuel-efficient vans and produce less than 1lb of landfill waste per job.

Preservan Franchise Support

We are committed to your success and saving the planet!


Marketing & Call Center

We utilize a strategy we call digital door knocking, a neighborhood focus marketing strategy that combines direct mail, social, and search to reduce drive time and target ideal neighborhoods. We find the perfect projects and book the appointments!

Training & Support

Our franchisee training program is a multi-platform learning experience that our founder and a certified educator developed. This training combines classroom, web, and field training over three weeks. Then we support you ongoing with sales and technical coaching.

Exclusive Products

Our franchisees get exclusive access to Everesin Rot Repair System! This system creates permanent and beautiful repairs and is backed by a 10 year warranty.